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Computers, telecommunications, internet data centers, hospitals, industrial buildings, broadcast systems and IT companies have become heavily dependent on UPS systems, because these devices provide power to run computers and other electric devices when the main power goes out. A power outage or failure can wreak disaster on businesses. If a network is interrupted for even a short time, it causes huge inconvenience to computer users, servers may crash and a business may cripple for days. It can even zap your important business data and disappoint your customers. That is why all businesses need to invest in this useful device called "uninterruptible power supply" (UPS). However, in order to get the right UPS device for your particular business requirement requires knowledge and expertise.

What is UPS?

A UPS System is an intermediary device between a power source and the machinery to provide electricity in case of power failure or outage. This is meant to save systems from crashing, protect data and offer continuous power supply. It can also protect against power surges and brownouts that may cause some electronic devices to malfunction or fail altogether. The device can refer to anything from a battery to even a generator. There are mainly three kinds of UPS systems-the one that's always on, one that's on standby, starting as soon as power is cut off, and finely the one that's a hybrid of the two systems. At Seabreeze Electric, we help you choose all types of UPS devices as per your need.

  • What computers, networks and electronic devices need to be protected?
  • How much power should your UPS deliver to protect these devices?
  • Do you need it for home, small business or large business purpose?
  • How long does the business need the UPS to keep the servers and equipments running?

Once you know what sort of UPS you need, the next step is to install and configure the UPS and the servers it protects. And finally, when implementing the UPS system, you will have to consider issues such as heat management, monitoring and maintenance of UPS. Seabreeze Electric helps you select right uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to meet the full spectrum of power protection needs right from enterprise applications to home and office. We offer a full range of UPS & Power solutions and the experienced professionals to install and support those solutions. Our expert technical team will guide you through the selection, specification and configuration and installation and maintenance process. We assure the system is properly maintained and supported to ensure continuous power.

Affordable Generator Installation, Service & Support

You are always dependent on electricity, no matter where you live. You need to use it for running fridges, lights, computers, internet connectivity, air conditioners and other electric systems in offices and homes. Imagine, if the power goes out, you are literally left in the dark. During a power cut or an outage, your freezers and other electric systems would stop working, and all your refrigerated food will go off or probably start to mold in a few minutes. And if you are into a business, a power cut or black out may put your business operations to a halt and you may end up losing thousands of dollars. With an electric generator at standby, you can always move to backup power and you wouldn't have to lose anything.

An electric generator can sustain electricity for as long as you need it either in office or home. There are different types of generators available in the market like diesel, natural gas, propane and more. You can find generators or power systems in a range of sizes and shapes, the largest being the massive industrial power systems used to generate huge amount of electricity, to small domesticated generators utilized to generate power to home or business. However, back up generators are much popular and used widely. No matter what type of system you need, we help you to choose and install the best system.

At Seabreeze Electric, we provide you with efficient and durable power systems to enable you to efficiently run refrigerator, computers, televisions, air conditioning and other appliances. Our goal is to keep the electricity going for your business or home for cooking, cleaning, heating, air conditioning or any other purpose. We have taken up hundreds of successful generator and transfer switch installations in North Carolina. Our specialists have knowledge on all aspects of installation, sizing, load management, utility requirements, and local code to provide customers with complete and accurate information. We have a fully trained technician team that is available to repair and maintain generators for 24x7 hours.

We take care of all generator and transfer switch installation and repair requirements, from initial design all through to the final electrical testing. All our work is timely completed by experienced, qualified engineers in strict compliance with statutory regulations. We install, repair and maintain powerful backup generators including backup generator, an automatic transfer switch (ATS), manual transfer switch (MTS). We offer professional yet affordable system installation and repair services, regardless of your project size. If you want to buy or install or just wish to repair the existing power system, let us help you out! Our experts will provide you with the satisfactory solutions within budget!